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Let’s All Begin The New Year with Good Intentions! Read Todays Blog on The Mighty:

Good morning, #mighty friends! —and happy New Year! 🥳 Today, remember that the morning can easily become the most wonderful part of any day. Think about it: our minds are usually fresher in the morning and we are just far better equipped earlier in the day, versus worrying or procrastinating that process until it is too late in the day. So wake up! There are so many opportunities waiting for all of us in 2021.

A regular yoga practice can offer many benefits. That much is no secret that. Yoga has been shown to:✔️improve mental health.
✔️promote relaxation.
✔️increase physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness.For these reasons alone, yoga is a fantastic practice to kick off your morning. Whether you had a rough night sleeping or you are looking for a simple way to start your day, moving through a flow first thing in the morning can be a great way to set a calm and positive tone.If you are looking to enhance your morning routine and bring a bit more mindfulness into your day, check out this quick and energizing ten-minute sequencefrom yoga instructor Shawna Davis (@itsshawnadavis).
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Gratitude journals offer a place to record the things we are thankful for and space for self-reflection. Doing this is bound to make us happier (plus it is backed by science). Participants of one study who consistently wrote about the things they were grateful for during the week were found to be “more optimistic and felt better about their lives.”While you do not need a special place to write down your gratitude (a regular journal will do just fine), the dedicated space to record your thoughts can set us up with consistent practice. Check out these twelve highly-rated gratitude journals featured on My Modern Met (@mymodernmet) and learn about what makes each of them useful to nurture happiness in 2021.
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According to this recent Pew Research Center survey, 59 percent of Americans say they feel a deep sense of peace and well-being at least once per week, while 46 percent report feeling a deep sense of wonder about the universe at least weekly.

Encountering wonder can inspire us to find peace through practices that are meaningful and unique to each of us. When we experience wonder or feel awe, we can gain a greater perspective on our current circumstances – which can empower us to overcome anxiety.

Read more and learn how wonder can help overcome worry in the full article hereon Thrive Global (@thrive).

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There are all different kinds of mental health struggles people in our communities are coping with on a regular basis. A moment of stress is not the same as an intense, anxiety-induced panic attack, and a quick cry does not compare to the weight of clinical depression.

Our struggles can often be cured by a good old-fashioned venting session or a long walk – but other struggles can require therapy or prescription medicine. Everyone is different, and we all have different needs, but all of our feelings are valid, and we can all take steps to overcome our struggles in the year ahead.

Do not forget: this is your year and you deserve to make the most of it. With that in mind, keep these 21 tips around for the next time you are feeling overwhelmed.
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While the turning of the calendar year will not make climate change or a gridlocked political system disappear – there is something that we can change in 2021: the way we respond to it all. That is where the new Netflix (@netflix) series, Headspace Guide to Meditation, comes in useful.

“Meditation is universal and it’s timeless. It’s been around for several millennia, and during that time, it’s helped many communities cope with many difficult things,”says Andy Puddicombe (@andypuddicombe), meditation and mindfulness expert and co-founder of Headspace (@headspace).

All eight episodes of the animated series are a mix of storytelling, education, and actual meditation, each narrated by Puddicombe and running ~20 minutes in length. Read more in the full article from Vulture (@vulture) – How Headspace Hopes to Manifest a Calmer 2021.

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