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Artist Exhibition Space

We Are Very Excited To Share With You Our
Artist Exhibition Space

We are featuring artwork created by those affected with mental health and/or substance abuse problems that are in recovery.
Many of our artists are part of the The Mental Health Awareness Gallery, please click to learn more about them.

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Artwork by Stephanie Rose

I loved drawing since a kid, in middle school I sat next to a kid that loved the band slipknot and loved skateboarding, but also drawing. We spent a lot of time drawing. This where I expanded my technique from stick figures to more human like figures, adults encouraged that I would be an artist when I grew up. Although I moved around a lot, everywhere I moved I had an artist buddy. In high school, I was more of an anime “drawer.” Exchanging techniques with my anime buddy. Then in my adulthood I grew a little and started using paint. Experimenting with landscape, abstract, I decided I did not like oil paint. Finally focused more on portraits.

This was the first painting I ever did, 10 years ago, it looks like watercolor maybe diluted acrylic paint of a cottage I used to live in, that no longer stands. This picture is history of an old cottage I once lived in that is no longer stands.


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