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MHAG: 2020 A Year Like No Other

The Mental Health Awareness Gallery’s goal to build a support network of mental health resources in a gallery setting that showcase artwork by people in recovery diagnosed with mental health disorders continues to make progress in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic.

• Our artists have participated in 4 stimulating and aesthetically pleasing exhibitions thus far at Camphill Solaris on Warren street until the pandemic hit. Their creative work and mental health recovery stories continue to inspire others towards recovery-based endeavors by personal sharing of their artwork and mental health recovery process through our Facebook page and the artist exhibition space on NAMI of Columbia County New York’s website.

• Our four successful exhibitions thus far fused creative work with mental health awareness and helped eliminate community bias and stigma related to mental health disorders.  As most people know, stigma related to mental health diagnoses is a major barrier in seeking recovery-based solutions to mental health problems. Our artists and contributors have proven and continue to prove that recovery can be realized and expressed with art and creative work.

• A nice article in the Columbia paper appeared shortly before our first exhibition and gave us our first news media spark to ignite our vision. See link below-

• We now have a team of 30 plus artists and creators as part of our growing infrastructure. In addition, we are now a legal project of NAMI of Columbia County and our artists are regularly featured on NAMI CC’s website. Here, one can not only view various samples of our artists’/creators’ work, but the site is also enabled so one can make a 501c3 tax-deductible donation to our gallery vision. Below is the link to the artist exhibition space on the NAMI CC website that we now contribute to.

• As well, our gallery vision has recently gained the attention of New York State news with the release of an article appearing in the Albany Times Union. See link below-

• Our efforts along with the help of NAMI of Columbia County have helped raise $5,000 dollars towards our fundraising goal of $27,000 dollars (roughly the amount it would take to open and run a permanent gallery space at the heart of Hudson, NY for one year).

• With your continued help we can realize our vision and open a permanent gallery space by spring of 2021. So please, spread the holiday cheer by giving to our most worthy cause. Now, more than ever is the time to invest in Mental Health Wellness for us all. Click below to donate to our gallery vision through NAMI of Columbia County, New York.

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