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The Mental Health Awareness Gallery’s goal is to build a support network of mental health resources in a gallery setting that showcase artwork by people in recovery diagnosed with mental health disorders.  By creating a stimulating and aesthetically pleasing environment, our artists will inspire others towards recovery-based endeavors by personal sharing of their artwork and mental health recovery process. This unique public environment that fuses creative work with mental health awareness will eliminate community bias and stigma related to mental health disorders.  Stigma related to mental health diagnoses is a major barrier in seeking a recovery-based solution to mental health problems. Here, our artists and contributors will show that recovery can be realized and expressed with art and creative work.

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Artwork by Sean Springer

I work in ink, pencil, charcoal, and occasionally other media.  I would say that I struggle with depression and anxiety, but from their points of view, it could be just as accurate to say that they struggle with me too.

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