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January 15, 2021

Nationwide, COVID-19 and other stressors continue to impact families, workplaces, and communities, influencing our mental health, how we effectively respond to stress, and how we support those around us. Join Mental Health First Aid USA on Monday, January 18, from 2-3 p.m. ET, for a timely discussion on mental health and how we can work together to protect and promote mental wellbeing during these challenging times. We will examine how to recognize the warning signs of mental health or substance use challenges and what steps to take if your loved one,

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    The LI Violin Shop shared this video of students from the Crane Cello Ensemble (of the Crane School of Music) performance of the song “Hope” by the Finnish symphonic metal band, Apocolyptica, it is lovely – enjoy.


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    Blog by  northshorechildguidance.org, January 5, 2021

    When do you feel like winter has begun? Do you or does your child experience what’s often referred to as the winter blues? How can you tell if it’s more serious depression?

    For many people, the period after the holiday season can be very difficult as we deal with cold weather, more darkness and less time outdoors. And it’s particularly challenging this year, as safety considerations related to the pandemic prevents us from gathering together to reap the emotional benefits of social connections.

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    Workshops & Resources Presented by NAMI Greater Des Moines Delivering comprehensive outreach & education is the heart of our mission. Our goal is to ensure that mental health services and supports are readily accessible to everyone in need.


    JANUARY SESSIONS: We’ve developed a variety of courses created specifically for the issues facing our community. And we’ve transformed the way these programs are delivered by launching new virtual sessions to improve accessibility and maximize community impact. As always,

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    Let’s All Begin The New Year with Good Intentions! Read Todays Blog on The Mighty:

    Good morning, #mighty friends! —and happy New Year! 🥳 Today, remember that the morning can easily become the most wonderful part of any day. Think about it: our minds are usually fresher in the morning and we are just far better equipped earlier in the day, versus worrying or procrastinating that process until it is too late in the day. So wake up!

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    Brian Belt created this short video to promote positivity and a sense of Hope during these difficult times. It’s a blessing and reminder that through faith, hope, and love we will all find happiness in our lives. more » Read More
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